December 2018

Looking back, I have had a roller coaster of a year! So I’ll address the highs and the lows.


I tried so many things through out this year, style-wise and it nearly led me back to square one. But, it was WORTH it. What I did the most this year was create work for ME. Whether it was after my then, 9-5 job, or before it at 4am. I just wanted to make something. It became addicting. I stopped going to the gym to make time to create (thankfully that has changed hah). I had goals, with exploring styles and mediums and it was to learn more about them.

I started with 2018 still with lots of plant/flower illustrations and then I went onto posters.
I still love my flowers and plan on making more plant-based things.
poster series

Posters—-I started this mood-based poster project to reflect my feels via colors and text. But mostly gradients. This was such fun, don’t know if I’d go back to making posters but it was a wonderful exploration! Still no regrets, I didn’t think I could literally do this, early 2018.

I was featured in Trendland, something that I’ve wanted for a pretty long time. I’ve always looked to this site for lots of trend updates, aesthetics and composition. Trendland, I love you. I was super happy to have been on it at all with my personal work.

I chose to put collages on Trendland because there is a lot with collages that resonate with me.

Collages, have a depth a ‘natural-ness,’ about them that I fell back in love with in 2018. All the bells and whistles came out this year to make them again. As a creative, I have my inspirational triggers. Collages for me, is like a home for all aesthetics.

I’ll add all the shapes, colors, textures in one place and in a way that I feel fits and yet walk away from it feeling like I made something meaningful to me. It’s what I can sit with and be happy with, for some time. I’m not a person to have their own work in my home. I’m trying to get over that but I don’t know if I ever will.

I fell back in love with photographing..

I’m not sure what let me to stray to far from shooting my own stuff but getting a new camera sure as hell got me out and shooting again! Thank heavens!

I made a YouTube Vid!

This was so weird because I absolutely hate looking at myself for too long. Call me weird but—- I AM WEIRD! I thought hey why not, some people ask me how I can create to often or what do I do to stay motivated. So why not suck it up, give a 500-mile stare and make a video! I’m not sure if I’ll make another in 2019 but we shaaallllll seeeee! If there are requests, feedback for me, or anything, let me know!

I had a darkly lit feat. in a little dragon music video!* I’ll take it from the co-director that the piece made it in but I was honored to be asked about my work.

I got to collaborate and work with so many wonderful people this year. And this made me infinitely happier, thank you all!!


Oh buddy were there lows. I started exploring so many new mediums the inevitable happened. I questioned what my work looked like anymore and what it was. Instagram for sure, influenced a lot of this thought process. Way back when, I would create a full body of work and only show bit of work when I knew there was a long body of work following it. 10-15 pieces created from solid thought thinking and concept development.

I knew I didn’t want to just illustrate flowers anymore which was why I drifted away from it and into other seas. Then delving into other mediums and comparing with other accounts made me feel like I should only have one style.

I have never believed in having a style because I personally feel like I would feel pressured to just produce in one way and then stagnate.

I had to reel myself back in, a few times this year, to remind myself I was exploring and learning on purpose and that’s a lot of who I am.

There are a lot of lows that I’m forgetting and I blame it on looking back on 2018 with rose-tinted glasses, BUT I will say this.

Taking a week off social media for the holidays felt amazing. And I will be trying to incorporate that more in 2019, to be more present.

oldie flower post by me but a goodie

What I learned through out 2018 was how much I love exploring new mediums, methods, things, people … I love chatting it up with as many people as I can in whatever medium! I have many good feelings about 2019 and dealing with my exploratory needs and indecisiveness, traveling, love of flowers, being present and so much more. I’m hopeful and happy and lastly ready for 2019.